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John Crawfurd
Nhà cai trị thuộc địa người Scotland, nổi bật về chính trị, lịch sử, dân tộc học và ngôn ngữ học
John Crawfurd

Tác phẩmSửa đổi

  • History of the languages of the Indian islands (1814)
  • An Inscription from the Kawi or ancient Javanese language (1816)
  • A short address to the weavers of Paisley and the neighbourhood, (suggesting a plan for their relief) (1819)
  • History of the Indian Archipelago. Containing an account of the manners, arts, languages, religions, institutions, and commerce of its inhabitants (1820) (bắt đầu hiệu đính)
  • On the existence of the Hindu religion in the island of Bali (1820?)
  • The Ruins of Prambanan in Java (1820?)
  • A view of the present state and future prospects of the free trade and colonisation of India (1828) [external link
  • Journal of an embassy from the governer-general of India to the Court of Ava, in the year 1827, with an appendix containing a description of fossil remains, by Professor Buckland and Mr. Clift (1829) vol 1, vol 2
  • Journal of an embassy to the courts of Siam and Cochin China (1830)[1]
  • Chinese monopoly examined (1830)
  • An inquiry into some of the principal monopolies of the East India Company (1830)
  • Notes on the settlement or colonization of British subjects in India : with an appendix of proofs and illustrations (1833) (short work) external link
  • The newspaper stamp and the newspaper postage (1836)
  • Taxes on knowledge: a financial and historical view of the taxes which impede the education of the people (1836)
  • An historical and descriptive account of China. With others. 1836 external link
  • An appeal from the inhabitants of British India to the justice of the people of England: a popular inquiry into the operation of the system of taxation in British India (1839)
  • On the Malayan and Polynesian Languages and Races (1847)
  • A grammar and dictionary of the Malay language, with a preliminary dissertation (1852) vol 1, vol 2
  • A descriptive dictionary of the Indian islands and adjacent countries (1856) external link
  • China and its trade, 1858 external link
  • On the Aryan, or Indo-Germanic theory, 1861 external link
  • On the so-called Celtic languages in reference to the question of race, 1863 (short work) external link
  • On the origin of the gypsies (1863) external link
  • On the relation of the domesticated animals to civilisation, 1863 (short work) external link
  • A few notes on Sir Charles Lyell's 'Antiquity of man', 1863 external link
  • On the physical and mental characteristics of the African or Occidental negro, (short work) 1865 external link
  • On the supposed infecundity of human hybrids or crosses (1864)
  • On Caesar's account of Britain and its inhabitants in reference to ethnology, (short work) 1866 external link
  • The plurality of the races of man: a discourse (1867), with John Baxter Langley
  • On the theory of the origin of the species by natural selection in the struggle for life, (short work) 1868 external link
  • The horse: its history and uses, (short work) 1869 external link
  • The Crawfurd Papers: a collection of official records relating to the mission of Dr. John Crawfurd sent to Siam by the government of India in the year 1821, editor William Storm

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